Modern Day Tale

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I’m not a Virgin

Are you? She asked

Come on don’t be shy

It’s not something that can’t be talked

He was taken aback

With her confidence

And was struggling to

Come to the sense

Yes I was into

A relation before

And let me tell you

That doesn’t make me whore

And it was not him

Who broke up with me

I lost the connect

Recklessly said she

Yes it was lust

I knew for sure

That led me to him

Out of my door

I was young but

Not so innocent

And never did I

Otherwise pretend

But the bodily lust

Can ever satiate

The cravings of a soul

To have someone intimate

Someone who trusts you

And one who care

To one my brazen mistakes

I could easily share

One who could make

Me laugh when sad

One who understand me

Better than my dad

I found my love

When we did meet

And whenever I saw you

Heart skipped a beat

And I could now

Discern the difference

Between love and lust

In every sense

I told you the truth

And you might be hurt

But telling you all

Is worth the effort

For if we continue

Beyond the line

Our love is true

And completely genuine

But I know it is

Easier said then done

And difficult is to love

Who has already been with someone

Yes! You are right

He finally said

It is very difficult

I’m afraid

But let me also

Spill out some secret

You are not first girl

I had as my mate

I’m not a Virgin

Just like you

And I know the agony

One passes through

The fervor of Teen years

Is now thing of past

Now we are at juncture

For proper relationship at last

The past is far behind

Let’s not look at it

With hand in hand

Lets walk in the street

Their eyes met while

Tears rolled around

In trance unfazed

From other worldly sounds

And after numerous

And different break ups

The true Soulmate

Kissed and made up

17 thoughts on “Modern Day Tale

  1. I really liked the concept of this piece and flow of the lines. The way you have put a secret emotional conversation bw two lovers in a rhythmic way, it’s beautiful and inspirational. Good work!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nicely quoted.. the pattern is surely giving an extra essence.
    I wish every girl out there could stand strong and share every ups n downs she has been through. The fear inside a girl’s heart will die only if guys stop judging them according to there Virginity status n people stop reaction awfully about it. A true relationship remains true only when one could give confidence to other to share whatever she/he has in her/his heart..

    Liked by 1 person

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