The Last Samurai 


Samurais, the warrior clan of Japan, who were believed to be one of the best in their one on one skills and strategies in fighting the war. They were known to kollow strict code of conduct and one of the most debatable practice among them was the practice called ‘Harakiri’, though the term now means suicide, in their times it meant to kill oneself after the defear in the battle field, as for them they prized win and their self respect much more than their own life.
The below poem is a sad and quite a gory one, hence i was quite apprehensive before posting it. Still, the reality of life is that it is not always rosy and cozy, so a grim poem is sometimes needed to sombre mood and prepare for the worst.
So read the poem, try to understand the pshyche of a trodden Hero.

Sitting Alone…

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