He was an intelligent lad
She too was a brainy girl
He was champ of the class
She was like oysters pearl

Mutual was their admiration
Though much they didn’t talk
And she felt special whenever
Towards her he walked

He didn’t know what it was
For he was all 9 years old
He needed to be grown up
To learn this or at least to be told

Then suddenly that dream run
Came to an improper end
Without saying goodbye
He turned round the bend r

For he was off,, for his future
To an all boys boarding school
Where he forged new friendships
Forgotten were friends from old school

Yet one face kept haunting
In his dreams she’d smile
Though he knew now what was this feeling
He couldn’t forget her all the while

Still for years during his vacations
To his Town he’d come
And he wandered the streets
Just to have glimpse of someone.

Though her news and her wellbeing
Whenever he might have sought
He would have got it easily
Easier than he might have thought

Still he felt shy and did not act
To know her addresses or her home
And just betted on his luck
He’ meet her while he roams

Yes! Officially now he labeled
Her, to be her first and only crush
Though he didn’t still knew
When he d have glimpse of hers

And suddenly after years five
He got the good news
The tuition where he went
She was also going to choose

And at the anticipated day
His joy knew no bounds
And it took him days to speak ( to her)
Coz o happiness profound

And together they started studying
And a lovely pair they made
Parallel to each other
Everyone, about them said

When he went back from vacations
Something in him had changed
He had found his lost vigor
And he was now upto the challenge.

His studies improved a lot
His friends were surprised by the new him
For intelligent he was always deemed
But hard work was like impossible for him

he studied with a kindled heart
The Love in it was making him do better
Though he was to meet her after months
Yet more than meeting, waiting was sweeter

And when the summer break arrived
He packed his bags with gleam
For he was going to see her
Nothing better,to him, now seem

And this time he was rewarded
For his patient wait
For one long month
Together they solved maths

The chemistry between them
Was growing leaps and bounds
And their synergy forged the friendship
With foundation being so sound

But the sinusoidal waves never remain flat
And after every crest troughs are back
And once again it happened and
A cruel joke destiny did make

One day she left the town
Again without any news
No numbers no address again
Left alone again he was confused

Yet with a belief in the heart
That true love will come back to him
He moved on with life bravely
Though with a smile quite dim

For this was the time of life
When his future was at risk
And for a small mistake he’d make
The career goals he’d miss

He made his all out effort
But missed her company
How in unison they studied
And remembered that Symphony

He scored well in qualifiers
Though he could have fared well
Still got offers from good colleges
And destiny made him take a tough decision as well

To be emotional or rational
Mostly pitted against one another
You can’t be both of them
Have to choose one over other

Thus he had to choose college
And he had, with him, options two
One had the stream he wanted
Other had privilege of being with his crush though

The colleges both were great
But one was better than other
Still the stream he was getting there
Held much promise for his future

And he chose the one
With better future prospect
And with this decision the brain
Quelled the rebellious heart’s unrest

And the heart was slowly losing hope
To again reconcile
Tried a times to contact her
But all efforts were futile

But he was not one who
Sported long and sad face
He was a jolly fellow
Sadness and glee equally he embraced

And much more rational than emotional
He was always perceived
And, including himself.
The whole world he deceived

Even his best friends knew not
What in heart he felt
In matters of love
With poker face he dealt

Yet for advice on relationships
He was one most sought
As he had a patient ear
And those details to others divulge he would not

And one panacea for problems
Whatsoever that may be, he had
That never expect much from others
Coz this makes relations go bad

Judgemental he never was
And he made people see other’s side
Love unconditionally he always said
As love had no place for ego and pride

One day in his third year
Amidst all this brouhaha
Another surprising twist was
Waiting to happen in this saga

Technology in our life sometimes
Play an important role
And here also the Gabriel was
Played superbly by Google

Spending time on Internet
Was one of his pastime
And one day while surfing it
A ping on screen shined

Remember me! It said
With a smiling display pic beside
When did I forget you
Was his thought inside

That mesmerizing smile
That makes his lips curl
How could he forget
The person who was his world

Quick to share he was
His month old mobile number
And briskly he reached his room
To find a message from her number

And it again continued
From where they had left
Chatted once in a while
His days seemed so perfect

One apple a day keeps
The doctor away they say
He said one message a day
To her keeps bad luck away

And she was her lucky charm
To her he often told
And the year at college was proving it
With he getting better and bold

Studies and career advice was the theme
Around which their talks revolved
Together the mysteries of life
In equations they’d solve.

Reading books was his passion
Which slowly rubbed on her
And together they’d discuss
One book or the other

Magnificent things it creates
For Love is an August architect
And among many things it did to him
It carved out of him a poet

And she was her audience
And his work, she truly admired
Motivating him to write more
It kept the flame fired ( up)

A healthy rivalry between them
Was ensued when fighting for CAT
Inspiring each other for better scores
They tried hard to crack

The brain till now had precedence
But now heart wanted to disclose
Not much time was left
As college was driving to close

He was a gentleman
One who never crossed the line
And he was waiting for
The moment, the right time

For years they have not met
Five, to be precise
And he’ll be meeting her in a month
Brought gleams in his eyes

But a student of human psyche
So keen, for long, he was
And for years he had made
Quite many right pass

And not long ago he was
So assured and confident
That she also reciprocated his feelings
And mutually they share penchant

But his intuition, a strong one
Was indicating otherwise
He could now sense
The coldness in her voice

He dismissed this feeling
As a passing thought
For she must be tired
With exams on the trot

But the thought kept growing
With repeated occurrence
But whenever brain said something
Heart jumped in her defence

One message a day they started
Was Receiving one message a week
And as the day passed on
He was getting desperate to speak

Her Friendship meant too much to him
Proposing her was like risking it
And pondering over again and again
In reverie he’d sit

Then at last he decided
To forget it all
But heart screamed
What if she want him to call

Into the unknown
Deep he was submerged
The gloom was setting in
He didn’t know how to emerge

And on one fateful night
Heart overpowered the brain
And messaged her his feelings
What otherwise he’d have refrained

The reply came this time
And politely, him,she treated
But her answer was no
As she was already committed

Crestfallen, though he was
He gathered his strength
He asked her to forget all
And like earlier let’s just be friends

It’s an irreversible process though
Pretty sooner he now knew
For the communication with her
Was getting difficult to continue

Yet now and then whenever
He did make the call
He felt irritated she gets
If nothing more, by this all

The day she refused her
He had prayed to god
She might be deserving better
So give her whom she wants

She left for the job
To another state
And for her new number
He made the wait

Neither the number came
Nor was any message
It seemed with him
She Didn’t want to have contact

A precious friend he lost
For a moment of foolishness
Still he daily prayed
For her happiness

He too moved on in life
Engrossed himself at work
Scars he had many
But never showed it to the world

For he was not one
From external world, to draw solace
To let out his agony
His poems, his diary were the place

At work he proved
To be one among the bests
Busy he was All day long
Took only a little rest

In his love life too
He decided to move on
When an old friend proposed him
For whom he had a lot of affection

Exactly proposal it was not per se
It was sharing the affection
They have been friends for long
Were accepting the connection

She too has faced tribulations
And his talks comforted her
And even for Petty advices
She could not see any other

But soon she was to be married
For grooms search was on
He used to advice her
What she should look for

And the day soon came
When she was to be engaged
But a scar on her chin
Made her fiance enraged

The engagement got broke
And she was dismayed
So many stereotypes in 21st century
We people held

Her beauty lies in her attitude
And no scar can diminish
With his this prepping words
She finally made her wish

She wanted to marry him
Though his past she knew
For the warmth he had
She had from very few

Poles apart were they though
One south one north
Would they able to continue
If they proceeded forth

Love marriages still were
In society a sort of taboo
And never in life to anyone
He had forced upon his view

They decided to tell the parents
And left them to approve
And if refused, by them
As per their wishes they’d continue

Though reluctant at first
It was finalized
That in six months
Their marriage to be solemnised

Just friends they were
All a month ago
From single to committed to engaged
Very fast they did go

And meanwhile a little void
In heart, Was feeling unrest
And her numbers somehow
On mobile, heart managed to press

Expecting it to be switched off
Held phone with trembling hands
Who is this the voice asked
A shiver to spine it sent

Call you in ten minutes
She said hearing the name
And to the foolish Heart
The brain placed the blame

Not expecting her call back
He busied himself in things
For engagement he had to go
A lot needed packing

But his mobile rang
In exactly ten minutes
And he picked up the phone
After initial hiccups

She was delighted to talk
After a gap of two years
They were still friends
And to her he felt so near

Delighted she was
Asked how was he doing
Gladly talking now
Asked various things

Everything melted in him
Just like the ice
He could feel the familiar zing
In her pleasant voice

He though interrupted her
And told her good news
Agahst she surely was
And very bit confused

You should have waited
Why were u in haste
I did that to you
A I’m facing this just coz of that

And why you have to choose her
For her why did you fall
You two are poles apart
She is not fit for you at all

He was speechless and confused
What should he do
In this position he d be
He never ever knew

But in calm voice he said
Though I might have got better
Though we are poles apart
I’m now committed to her

She wished him good luck
For his future life
And prayed for the happiness
Of him and his wife

She was sad
And a bit depressed
Still she managed to smile
Despite feeling bad

He should have been happy
To get back his friend
But was sad for her as
Why was she not with her boyfriend

But it’s what is destiny
You know not the future
And out of choices given
You have to choose one over other

And he surely got
settled in his life
Had a little kid
And a doting wife

She too did her MBA
And secured a good job
And single she was
And of many, a heart throb

He still loved her
But talked to her rarely
Coz his first priority
Were his family

But call it a coincidence
That they again met
Again after a span of five years
For hours they did chat

But after that meet again
To square one they did fall
Restricted to diwali messages
And birthday calls

He was battling his demons
She too had many issues unknown
But from each other a distance
Now they had grown

Acquaintance now they were
Only a phone contact
One which was seldom used
To make the connect

True love is ageless
He always said
But was his true love
Now gone to the grave

Or he accepted the commitment
To be the love true
Or he didn’t want to fan something
Which he didn’t want to continue

Still in trying times
Mentally he’d feel weak
In congenial smile( dp on whatsapp) of her
Refuge he’d seek

Many wrong decisions recently
He had made
And very gross mistakes
He had committed

Life was in chaos
Nothing seemed in line
And for the first time in life
Things actually were not fine

The irritated Judgemental persona
Had replaced calm gentleman of yore
All relationships he had with people
Were slowly turning sour

Five years in marriage
He had messed up a lot
Rational decisions didn’t work here
Contrary to his thoughts

Thetenderness in his heart
Which used to be perennial
Was slowly turning to be
A channel ephemeral

But he was committed
To his work family and wife
Then why it was happening
That happiness was missing in life

Why love was replaced with prejudice
Where was the joy
Living life mechanically
Why they didn’t enjoy

The poems , his only let out
Too left him alone
And see the irony, the expert advisor
Was losing the battle own

It was not love that was missing
But his self confidence
With on head so much blames
Buried he was in self contempt

It was deepawali
Sending messages on that night
A how are you reply from her
For him was a sudden delight

They chatted for an hour
It lifted up his mood
But late at night he thought
Friends they were and talk they should

His birthday was quite near
On that day she gave her a call
Together they relived
The memories they recalled

She told him the purpose
One for the reconnect
For she wanted an advice
And on others she didn’t have faith

She was nearing thirty
Was still unmarried
Was unsure what to look for
In a guy to marry

They discussed various things
Talked about the life
The way to resolve conflicts
Way to end mental strife

Talking to her made him
To see his own short falls
It was to himself it seemed
He was advicing on call

And from that day onward
Daily they’d chat
In morning they wished daily
And at night sent good night message

The joy which he got in her message
Used to last all day
His efficiency was increasing
And less he was dismayed

The calmness of the mind
Came back to the fore
And his self confidence
Now began to sore

And she too felt comfort
In confiding to him
For she too was troubled
Upto the brim

And she needed solutions
If in anyone she confided
And for years she was searching
For such advices

And mutually they continued
Their new relationship
Free from all expectations
It was a lovely friendship

They could understand
What other was going through
And what trouble in others life
Is continuing to brew

Speak though they lot
Sensed things unspoken
And Could easily mend
The heart so broken

She was the one
For whom he started to write
And again he was out
Of writers block plight

With in a year she found
For her a perfect match
Smart handsome and suave
Couldn’t get a better catch

And happily she is married
And he too is glad
Committed he always was
Now he is also not sad

Sometimes you do not need
To always live together
In order to truly love
Each other

Some love stories
Does not have an end
Coz for eternity they are


Why A Poet

Why a poet?
One day I was asked
Why not like everyone
Can you have feelings masked

Brazen display of emotions
Why do you make
Why? Why to keep
Your heart at stake

Why do you allow
Those sharpening knives
Dissecting your feelings
While hard you strive

I stood along
And deeply I thought
Was it meaning less
What all I wrote

What if I didn’t
Wrote any verse
Had I been any better
Or had I been worse

Those pains are not
What makes you ,
It’s standing up ‘gain
After you are through

It was never love….

Good bye, yes let it be

Go where you want to go

And it was not nice meeting you

For me though

For you reinforced

My thoughts about men

Fake care, brittle ego

Who loves to berate women

You labeled me with names

Though you didn’t say it aloud

But in your eyes I saw

The suspicions cloud

You didn’t want comparison

And competition you don’t seek

It’s not my fault then

Coz your, not mine, love is weak

You were not second option

You just came late

But this is karma I think

My bloody heartless fate.

You of all, I thought

Would understand my situation

But with me, you too failed

To live upto expectations

I was young and gullible

Fell into his seductive trap

He played with my body

For me love he never had

He broke my heart

You tore into my soul

He hurt me in parts

You annihilated me whole

I was wrong, always wrong

To challenge the wisdom old

There can’t be a woman noble

If she is open and bold.

If Lord Shri Ram can desert

Mata Sita, so upright

How I thought, I’d

Be spared of the plight

He took away my virginity

I’m still alive with that

You just killed my sincerity

I’m as much as dead.

The Paint Brush

As I confessed earlier I have always been a lousy painter though painting as an art always allured me. Being a mechanical engineer, engineering and machine drawings did become part and parcel of my life, yet to draw a straight line even with a ruler remained my one of the biggest nightmare. The untidy smudges, somehow surreptitiously would always find a niche in my drawing sheets, causing an acerbic reaction from the teacher, who never gave me an A+, despite the drawings correct to the T whereas the copycats who would mindlessly, but quite effectively recreated the drawings would get the top honours.
Let bygones be bygones, as neither it affected me them nor it affect me now.
But the matter of fact is that I always rue over the fact that I could never learn nuances of the sketching.
One of the most complex art form, in which the artists dissolve the abstract into tangible and vice versa taking the perfection onto some other realm.
So, all these lengthy talks to introduce the newest addition of contributor to the blog: “the Paint Brush”.
The Paint Brush is a creative writer, with doodling as a hobby, so hereby sharing few of sketches here to complete the introduction.

My Diary or … …..

Do you have a journal which has been a soulmate to you or vice versa…..
Find them in this poem

Oye Scribblers (Readers' Paradise)


Oh ! my dear diary
Where art thou
The quill with ink
Is waiting for you
It might be a thought
Or may be a song
Or my restlessness
Buried for long
You take it all
With no questions asked
And infront of you
I often get unmasked
And now out of sudden
You are nowhere to be seen
Hiding adroitly from my eyes (so) keen
This game of hide and seek
Despairs me a lot
And much more desperately
You are now sought
And an ephinany then strikes
Am I looking at places
When you are inside
Inside me all the time
The lub dub unmistakenly is yours
How foolish I was ofcourse
After those sleepless nights
Last, I’d sleep tight.

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Uneasy, I stood alone
Confounded by the news
Fiddling with numerous words
Didn’t know which to choose

‘t sent a chill through spine
And with panic I shuddered
I rushed quickly to her home
As soon as the news I heard

Then I waited & waited
And it seemed like infinity
Still unable to fathom the reality
With difficulty, kept my sanity

Childhood memories flooded
With pulsating , seething heart
I now knew , how it feels
When our dear ones depart.

While O was getting over
From unsurmountable grief
Good persons are never harmed
Once firm was now a shaken belief

Out from the car
Then she unmounted With a posture upright
A warrior she always was
Again she was, ready for the fight

Though no words were exchanged
In that brief meeting of eyes
Yet behind that steely gaze
Her message I could surmise

No words would now
Could lessen her agonizing grief
And all she wanted now that
In her abilities, everyone should believe

Not a drop of tear
Got past their hideout
The valiant warrior within
Stood alone amidst crowd

A long and tiring battle
She had just lost
And many more were lined up
Not sparing a moment to ponder over thoughts

A diamond chemically equal
To much inferior coal
Attributes its transformation
To years of oppression and toll
A warrior, earlier she was
Now rose to the captain’s rank
Though involununtarily she needs to keep
The soldiers secure in their flank.

The life is never easy
And much more tough it will get.
But it can’t unnerve a Samuri
On target whose eyes are set.

With the shlokas of Geeta
Enlighting her heart
Results will fall in line
If properly, She’d play her part


A poet
You can feel the magic

flowing in the wand

If the quill is in

The poet’s hand
The magic he can weave

With words he can bewitch

An outlet to inner turmoils

Is what he beseech
Yes! He is the salt

Left over of sublimation

And it is also a diamond

Created by years of oppression 
He who writes 

For reasons of his own 

Still could connect 

With people unknown 
If his poem can touch 

People’s nerves and heart 

As a poet, perfectly done 

Is his part 
And to eternity 

His name he has placed 

In his poem he lives 

With words,death, he has aced.

Lets move towards mother nature!

Oye Scribblers (Readers' Paradise)

I had lifted my pen

To write few lines

To talk about nights

And the way sun shines

To write for the rooster
Who crows first without fail
And the intriguing story
Which Sings the nightingale

The long standing bargad
Which has seen it all
Through storms and draughts
Unflinchingly It has stood tall

The hard and firm earth
Beneath our feet
And wide open sky where
Clouds are beating retreat

The blistering heat of summer
And winters brumal cold
I wish it’s intriguing story
In words could be told

And on such a low note
The nature sings it’s song
That before you hear it
To the another world it’s gone

And its most deftly crafted
Arguably the best creation
Is running away from it
Man, nature’s prodigal son

The apathy and greed
Devilishly he has shown
And now above the bridge
Water has flown

And thus the lyrical…

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